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Harry Burrows, IT Consultant, Sports Injury

I have suffered with recurrent heel tenderness and painful knees for two years.

A friend at the running club recommended The House Clinics and I saw a Physiotherapist, who diagnosed that I had achilles tendonitis and a tracking problem with my kneecap.

He advised me that the cause of my problem may be due to my foot posture and though he could treat the conditions he felt it was important to also address the underlying cause and referred me to the in-house Podiatrist.

The Podiatrist confirmed that my feet were rolling in (over pronating) when running. Insoles (orthotics) were prescribed for my shoes to correct my foot alignment.

After treatment with the Physiotherapist, some exercises and running with my custom made orthotics in my shoes my knee and heel pain were cured.

I ran the Bristol Half Marathon with a personal best time this year and had no problems.

Val Drewett, Florist, Whiplash Injury

I had a car accident and the next day I developed neck pain, a headache and pins and needles in my right hand.

My GP told me that I had suffered a whiplash injury and prescribed me painkillers. My pain worsened, so I
 looked up Whiplash and found The House Clinics on the internet 24 hours later.

The Whiplash Injury was
confirmed and it was explained to me how the muscles and joints of my neck had been damaged.

It was a 
huge relief not only to understand in detail the cause of my headache and the pins and needles but also be
reassured that the symptoms could be relieved with treatment.

I received a course of Chiropractic treatment and was also referred to the in house Massage Therapist. Within six weeks I had made a complete recovery.

Phillip Cox, Accountant, Back Pain and Sciatica

I was digging in the garden and my back just locked up, I could barely move.

Within hours I had developed pain all the way down my leg into my calf and I could hardly move.

The House Clinics gave me an appointment that evening after work.

I was examined and I was told I had Sciatica which is a trapped nerve and was causing my back and my leg pain. I received manipulation to my back and some deep tissue massage.

My back started to loosen up that evening and the next day I was able to sit. I saw the Chiropractor five more times and was given some very helpful postural advice which helped with sleeping. I was then given some exercises designed for me to strengthen and keep my back more supple.

I am now enjoying gardening again and my back is pain free

Tara Brand, Tax Consultant, Headaches

I have been suffering from headaches for nearly two years and more recently they have got more severe and barely a day went by when I didn’t have one.

A work colleague recommended The House Clinics.

The cause of my headaches was diagnosed as coming from my neck and having received a course of treatment I am delighted with the results.  I was shown how to sit at my PC and given some exercises and I no longer suffer from headaches.