I have suffered with recurrent heel tenderness and painful knees for two years.

A friend at the running club recommended The House Clinics and I saw a Physiotherapist, who diagnosed that I had achilles tendonitis and a tracking problem with my kneecap.

He advised me that the cause of my problem may be due to my foot posture and though he could treat the conditions he felt it was important to also address the underlying cause and referred me to the in-house Podiatrist.

The Podiatrist confirmed that my feet were rolling in (over pronating) when running. Insoles (orthotics) were prescribed for my shoes to correct my foot alignment.

After treatment with the Physiotherapist, some exercises and running with my custom made orthotics in my shoes my knee and heel pain were cured.

I ran the Bristol Half Marathon with a personal best time this year and had no problems.

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