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What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is concerned with the mechanics of the foot and lower limb.  The foot is a complicated structure made up of 28 bones, connected by a range of joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

How Can a Podiatrist Help Me?

RunnersA podiatrist assesses and corrects problems arising from the alignment and biomechanics of the foot and lower limb.  A poorly aligned foot may result in increased stresses on the joints of the ankle, knee, hip and pelvis and give rise to pain in these areas too.  A podiatrist analyses the mechanical movement of the lower limb.  This may include examining the way you walk using video gait analysis.

The podiatrist will make an accurate diagnosis and then provide a variety of treatment regimes specifically tailored for you. Many ailments affecting the lower limbs can be treated with prescription insoles called orthotics which are worn in your footwear, accompanied by a specific exercise programme for you.

What happens at your appointment?

The podiatrist takes a full case history, examining all the lower limb and related areas.  The podiatrist will explain the diagnosis and design a treatment plan for you.  Follow-up appointments may be required in order to carry out a personalised rehabilitation programme for you to follow and to assess if an orthotic is needed.

What conditions can be treated with Podiatry?

Flat feet / achy feet / arthritis & bunions / plantar fascitis / ankle, knee, hip pain / shin splints / sports injury / achilles tendonitis / developmental concerns with children and much more.



Consultation                                                                                        £15

Consultation & treatment (same appointment – 60 mins)                         £55

Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis                                        £95

Follow up treatments                                                                            £40


Bespoke Orthotics                                                                             £225

Semi-Bespoke Orthotics                                                                         £59


Additional Podiatry Services

Digital Video Gait Analysis

In situations where an injury is being caused by an abnormality or irregularity in your gait (how you walk and run), video analysis can be utilised. The latest motion analysis software from ‘Sports Motion’ can aid diagnosis and reveal small variations in movement that the naked eye would most likely miss – this is not the same as gait analysis that you may get in a running shop.

Advice on sports shoes

It is very important to choose the correct sport shoe which will offer the individual support that your body need, buying the wrong shoes can lead to discomfort and injury.


Examination of a child’s foot

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